Community Management 2010 English

It took long, but the moment has finally arrived. The free eBook “Community Management 2010” was already published in Germany two months ago, now you can also get it internationally. This eBook is a small initial aid and a short overview of the subject Community Management.

At that time it was intended by me for “a basis for discussion”. Meaning that current or prospective Community Manager as well as companies should use it as a basis to build up their Community Management. What is CM? What is important within the company and which aims should they use to measure the CM.

The book is written from my own perspective and is based on the experiences I made during the last eight years as a Community manager, presenter, operator and adviser. Therefore, some formulations should not be taken too serious.

I hope this eBook pleases you and you can relate yourselves to single segments. But it would still be better if you did not relate to it, but to have clear aims, enough responsibility and the ideal budget to reach it.

Thank you folks!

Download: Community Management 2010 English


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